HBO’s first dramatic series in 1984. Executive Producer Lewis Chesler helped establish the acceptance of cable programing as an avenue for top film and television talents. The Hitchhiker won eight ACE Awards and became the highest ranking series on television. The Hitchhiker delivered record-setting ratings for cable and paved the way for first-run cable programs. (http://thehitchhiker.com/)

“The Hitchhiker is certainly a fun horror anthology to re-visit. Just be certain you see the premium cable edition.” (http://reflectionsonfilmandtelevision.blogspot.ca/2009/01/cult-tv-flashback-68-hitchhiker-1983.html)

“You can’t quite pull yourself away from watching undercover cop Kate Vernon struggle with her feelings for slippery crook Patrick Bergin.” (http://www.radiotimes.com/film/cxwtw/soft-deceit-1994)
“This Showtime original is a hoot, a sexual thriller that works thanks to its melodramatic qualities.” (http://variety.com/1995/tv/reviews/bloodknot-1200442919/)
“Hostile Intent is fast moving, suspenseful and maintains a decent number of effective surprises.” (http://moria.co.nz/horror/hostileintent.htm)
“Families everywhere, please go get this film from whatever store or library that has it available or order it online. This movie is a keeper to enjoy often and to pass along to relatives and friends, too.” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119724/reviews?ref_=tt_ov_rt)
“Protector is notable for assembling a nice supporting cast in Randy Quaid, Zerha Leverman, Rae Dawn Chong and Ben Gazzara.” (http://moviemavericks.com/2014/02/protector-1998-review/)
“This is a film that stands out and is worth the watch.” (http://www.abucketofcorn.com/2013/08/bone-daddy-1998_30.html)
“Welcome to Paradox is not unworthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as Rod Serling’s classic show [The Twilight Zone].” (http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20126098,00.html)
“In today’s digital bog of empty light and marketing deceptions, this is what early-millennium Euro art-film masterpieces feel like–lean, qualmish, abstracted to the point of parable but as grounded as a gravedigging.” (http://www.villagevoice.com/2004-06-15/film/anarchy-in-the-e-u/)
“Every shot is like a literal breath of fresh air, and the flawless landscape performs not only an aesthetic function, but also serves to contrast starkly with the less-than-perfect connection between the two main characters.” (http://www.leedsguide.co.uk/review/dvd-review/touching-wild-horses/18052)
“Red: Werewolf Hunter was the top cable movie for the day among Adults 25-54, propelling Syfy to #2 among cable entertainment networks in prime in this demo. (http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2010/11/02/syfy-saturday-original-movie-red-werewolf-hunter-starring-felicia-day-captures-more-than-two-million-total-viewers-during-october-30-premiere-740511/20101102syfy03/)


“While not re-inventing the wheel, “Red: Werewolf Hunter” is a wickedly entertaining and clever action horror film spotlighting underrated nerd goddess Felicia Day as an ass kicking werewolf killer and allowing for an interesting twist to the classic fairytale.” (http://cinema-crazed.com/blog/2010/10/31/red-werewolf-hunter-2010/)

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